Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Okay. Here goes nothing ...

I had no intention of doing this at all, but the Aussie YA Challenge: got me thinking.

I haven't read much Aussie YA, but I have read a fair amount of KIWI YA, and it's awesome. (As, I'm sure is Aussie YA, and you should totally sign up for that challenge, too, and I'll shut up before I really make a dick of myself).

And so, here we are, with the first ever (I think) "official" year-long Kiwi YA Challenge.

I'm keeping things as simple as I can, so this is what it will look like:

The challenge will run from January 1 2011 to December 31 2011, and there will be four levels:

Level 1: Read three YA novels during the course of 2011 by Kiwi authors

Level 2: Read six YA novels during the course of 2011 by Kiwi authors

Level 3: Read nine YA novels during the course of 2011 by Kiwi authors

Level 4: Read twelve YA novels during the course of 2011 by Kiwi authors

Sign in with Mr Linky below, *fingers crossed that it works*, leave a link to your post in the comments, or just comment, if you want to participate but you don't have a blog. :-)

If you do have a blog, and you join in; put links to your reviews in the Mr Linky below - it's easier for me to keep everything in one place <s>because I have a short attention span</s>.

New Zealand has some great YA authors, so I hope this doesn't crash and burn introduces you all to some fantastic books!

Oh! And if this is too much/you don't have time to commit to a year-long challenge, I'll also be re-running the mini-challenge, which will look exactly the same as this: but be in March 2011 - that's when NZ Book Month is. You can use those buttons - from this post here: for the mini-challenge, and Tanabata of has offered to make more for this challenge, and of course, I'm totally taking advantage of her good nature :)

I'll also do a second post in a bit, with a list of authors and recommended books, to get people started.

Questions/comments/what are you DOING, Maree? - leave 'em in the comments on this post, or ask me on twitter:
or here:
And. Er. Welcome?


tanabata said...

Sadly I'm not really familiar with any Kiwi authors, but this is the perfect opportunity to get at least a little more educated. Thanks Maree!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I worked Mr Linky - bring on the year of reading challenges. Two official & the third being finding time to read around 3 small children & Playcentre & school committments. Yay reading!

Maree said...

Tanabata: Welcome! I hope you enjoy!
Bex: Lol!! Yay!!! :D :D :D You can do it!!! \m/

Pam said...


Natalie Cowie said...

A great idea, thanks!

Maree said...

Natalie: Welcome!!! :)