Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Buttons and badges and lists ...

... oh my? The lovely and redoubtable Tanabata from made the  badges you see to your left for this challenge. Pick one, pimp out the challenge, sign up, read some <I>great</i> books, and come back here to tell me about it :-)

<small>er .. please?</small>

Speaking of great books, here's the promised list of authors, to get you started. Many, many thanks to Catherine of who gave me a very comprehensive list of authors on twitter last night. :-)

Here goes:

Tessa Duder: Best known for her "Alex" series:
Juliet Marillier: (Her novel Wildwood Dancing is YA)
Amanda Ashby: (Not acutally a Kiwi, but she lives her, so I'm counting it)
Mandy Hager:
Vince Ford:
Jack Lasenby:,%20Jack
Anna Mackenzie:
Brigid Lowry:,%20Brigid
Mary Victoria: (according to Catherine, Tymon's Flight is very YA)
Helen Lowe:
Penelope Todd:
Ken Catran:
Brian Falkner:
Kate de Goldi:
T.K. Roxborogh:
Gary Cross:
Elizabeth Knox:
Karen Healey:
Fleur Beale:
Margaret Mahy:
David Hair:
V.M. Jones:
Sherryl Jordan:
Paula Morris:
Maurice Gee:

The list is by no means comprehensive, I'm sure, and I've included links for people to go forth and ... er .... read. :) Thanks to Catherine for supplying the list!!!

Sign ups here: - and are open for all of 2011, which ... I forgot to say, I think - lol.


Violet said...

What to read, what to read? Guess I will have to dive in and see what happens. :)

Nymeth said...

I could read Juliet Marillier and Kate de Goldi and Margaret Mahy! Argh... you temptress, you :P

Maree said...

Violet: Yes!!!! :D :D :D
Nymeth: So many authors .... dooooo ittttt